A Spreadsheet to Visualize Your Student Loans

Mapping out a plan toward refinancing

What's included in the sheet?

Dynamic refinance calculator

Drop in your numbers on the first sheet and the sheet will take care of the rest populating all of your options.

Rates from leading lenders

Dropdown menu to compare all the leading student loan national refinance companies complete with rate estimates.

5, 10, 15, and 20 year terms visualized

See your payments across multiple loan terms to determine what the best option is for you.

Column for extra payments

Pay your loans off faster by calculating in extra payments throughout the life of your loan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi I’m Jon, I created this sheet because I couldn’t find a spreadsheet that would allow me to visualize my refinanced loans over the entire length of the loan.

I make things that solve his problems and sometimes shares them with the public.

I keep a list of active projects on my website jonivanco.com.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and mention how you found me.

I went to Law School during the recession and came out with student debt with rates as high as 8%. Wages were bad, the job market was tough, and I needed to figure something out. Fast forward a few years, my debt had ballooned due to accrued interest before I was able to make enough money to refinance.

I refinanced, took a 15 year loan at 3.95% and have begun paying it off. 

I couldn’t find a sheet to visualize my entire loans over the life of the loans, so I decided to make one, then my friends in similar situations started asking me for it.

So I figured I should share it with anyone that needs it.

I have refinanced my loans with First Republic Bank, they allow me to make a referral fee when I refer people that would benefit from refinancing.

Here’s my referral link: http://refer.firstrepublic.com/s/jonathan1

In a perfect world this sheet would benefit enough people who refinance their loans through First Republic that I could wipe out my loans. 

Using the link also gives people $300 when they sign up, in short we both win.

Basic math tells me it would take about 700 people to make that happen after taxes.

So if you know anyone that has a student loan regardless of their rate, if they can benefit from the sheet I’m happy.

I’d be thrilled if they found value and used my link.

A welcome tab that allows you to put in your current financial numbers. This will populate the rest of the sheets.

Then there are tabs for 20, 15, 10, and 5 year terms that will show you all the payments over the life of the loan.

Additionally there is an extra column if you wanted to make secondary payments against the principle.

The last sheet gives you the locations of all the First Republic Banks in the US.

First Republic in my research though has the highest qualifiers also has the lowest rates and if you’re near a branch or know someone that is they are great to do work with.

You can email me at jon@boonrd.com